Approved Builders Doncaster

Approved Builders DoncasterApproved Builders Doncaster: Fraudsters, scammers, rogue traders, beware! There are thousands of illegitimate businesses out there, and their one aim in life is to make easy money. They want your cash, and they want to get it without too much effort.

Your job is to protect yourself and your hard earned money from such individuals. And one way of doing it is to do some basic consumer checks on every trader or business who comes into your orbit. If you are going to buy goods or services, you need to know that you’re dealing with a bona fide trader.

Easier said than done, you might think. And it’s true. Setting yourself the monumental task of checking a traders credentials can be daunting. How can you check that they are creditworthy? How do you know that they are qualified? Where do you go to find out if they have  insurance? How can you search behind the fancy website and the glossy brochure?

Approved Builders Doncaster

Here at the Approved Trader Directory we know that it’s hard for you, the consumer to be on top of all of those things, or even to know where to start. So we do the work for you. Our business is checking and verifying the identity of traders. We charge them a small fee and in return we check their bona fides and when we have satisfied ourselves that they are who they claim to be, then we include them in the Directory. If they don’t measure up to our standards, then we don’t include them.

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So when you come to check them out, you can rest assured that we’ve done the checks, so you don’t have to.

Our checklist of investigations is comprehensive:

  • We search the trader’s credit history, seeking evidence of bankruptcy related to the business and or to the individual directors.
  • Proof of identity: we ask the trader to supply us with one form of photographic ID and two recent utility bills for their domestic and  business addresses.
  • We also check the electoral register to see if the individual is registered there.
  • We seek evidence of public liability insurance
  • And finally we look for proof that the trader has all of the necessary licences & certificates  and membership of the relevant trader associations (if any).

Approved Builders Doncaster