Approved Builders Evesham

Approved Builders EveshamApproved Builders Evesham: How would you feel if you could be sure that the approved builders Evesham you are considering had submitted to all of the following checks?

Bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves.
Verified on the voters roll.
Provided photo ID.
Provided two recent utility bills on the business and home address.
Furnished proof of public liability insurance as well as evidence that they hold all the necessary licenses, certificates and membership of the relevant trader associations.

What if, on top of all the above the trader’s website had also been checked out, to see when it was first set up and if addresses on there had been verified; and finally credit checks were done on all directors, owners and partners in the business.

 Approved Builders Evesham

You’d feel pretty confident in selecting that trader if the business had undergone all of those checks and the business was proven to be legitimate and solvent….a legitimate trader.

Well that’s exactly what’s on offer to consumers who avail of the Approved Trader Directory. We carry out all of those checks on traders before we include them in the Directory. If their data doesn’t add up, we refund the fee they paid us and they are not awarded a profile in the Directory.

So when you check out the trader who is competing for your job and find the business name in our directory, you know that you are availing of that all important first level of consumer protection.

The Approved Trader Directory is designed to check out a trader before you hand over you hard earned cash, giving you the confidence of knowing if something goes wrong down the road, the business will be there to be contacted.

 Approved Builders Evesham

Is the builder you are considering in Evesham bankrupt? Are they legit? Screen them before you use them on the Approved Trader Directory.