Approved Builders Oxford

Approved Builders Oxford

Approved Builders Oxford: The Approved Trader Directory does exactly as it says: it checks out and approves traders under a number of headings: identity, certification and creditworthiness.

These are the basic checks that every consumer needs to make before employing a trader.


To verify the identity of a trader we look for photo ID as well as two recent utility bills to verify the address. In addition we examine the electoral roll to find the trader there.

Approved Builders Oxford

Professionally speaking we look for the basic elements of a healthy business: does the trader have public liability insurance? Does the business carry all of the necessary licenses and certificates needed in order to trade legally?

And finally we look at the finances of the business. We look for a reference from their accountant, and we check for bankruptcy in relation to the business and its owners.

Only when we have satisfied ourselves that the business is above board will we include them in the Directory.

Approved Builders Oxford

If they don’t check out, we won’t include them. Instead we will refund their fee.  We have no investment in including traders who will give the Approved Trader Directory a bad name. We have to be worthy of the trust of the consumers who rely on us so you can be sure that only those traders who have satisfied our vetting process will find a place in the Directory.

Once there, they can be checked out by prudent consumers who want to know that the trader they are considering has a verifiable address and a bona fide identity. Don’t get caught out by choosing a company that’s bankrupt. Register with us today it’s FREE!

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