Approved Builders Redditch

Approved Builders RedditchApproved Builders Redditch: Doorstep crime take many forms, from the clever thieves gaining access to your home on a pretext to smooth talking criminals who put you under pressure to get a job done right there on the spot – drains cleared or gutters cleaned. The door step criminal can be a well dressed man, an innocent looking child, a man or woman in a boiler suit. What is certain is that victims of doorstep crime suffer greatly. Not only do they lie at the loss of their hard earned cash but more importantly they suffer great emotional trauma, feeling violated and insecure years into the future and long after the criminal is gone.

Approved Builders Reddtich

Here at the Approved Trader Directory we take consumer protection very seriously indeed. We’ve seen too many reports on television of consumers diddled out of their money by unscrupulous doorstep scammers who rock up to your door with criminal intent.

We all have to protect ourselves and the Approved Trader Directory is a first line of defence.

When that salesperson or trader calls to your door, instead of yielding to  pressure and signing up straight away to have your work done, ask them to call back another time and take the opportunity to call the Approved Trader Directory at 0800 888 6667. With that one short call you can figure out if the trader standing at your door is who he says he is or a criminal scammer.

Approved Builders Redditch

What we do is we approve and register traders and businesses. The approval means that we have carried out some basic but significant checks: we check their financial profile; we verify their identity – that they are who they claim to be; and we look for proof that they are licensed, insured and have appropriate certification. Once we have approved them, the trader pays a small fee to be included on our register. It’s as simple as that.

So when someone calls to your door offering to clean your gutter, or you choose a trader from the Golden Pages or the internet, you can now verify their identity and credentials by a quick call to the Approved Trader Directory.