Approved Builders Shrewsbury

Approved Builders Shrewsbury

Approved Builders Shrewsbury. Having access to a trader identification screening service is a dream come true for consumers. Knowing that your trader has been verified as to personal identity, address, credit worthiness and insurance takes a lot of the anxiety out of choosing somebody to employ, whether you’re looking for a approved builders in Shrewsbury, a gardener or a cosmetic dentist.


That dream has become a reality, you’ll be glad to know! The living nightmare of rogue traders and unscrupulous conmen is being replaced by security for the consumer.

Approved Builders Shrewsbury

The Approved Trader Directory has been set up to scrutinise and verify the credentials of traders so that you, the consumer, can employ them without fear.

To be included in the Approved Trader Directory we have a list of requirements. The trader must submit to the following investigations: 

We verify identity by checking the electoral roll, by looking for photo ID and by examining two recent utility bills with either a business or home address.

We check for credit rating by doing bankruptcy and credit checks on the business and on the traders themselves, and by carry out a telephone interview.

We check the trader out professionally by satisfying ourselves that the business has all the necessary licenses, certification, insurances and membership of trader associations.

Only when these checks have been carried out is the trader included in the Directory.

Approved Builders Shrewsbury

For consumers, using the Directory couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is telephone us or visit our website, enter the name of the trader you are considering, and see if there is an entry under that name. If the trader is there you’ll know that the business has been approved by us.

Even if the name doesn’t show, all is not lost. You can invite your trader to submit to our checks and register, thereby ensuring peace of mind for you as you make your choice. It will only take a few days, and the short delay will be a small price to pay for the security of knowing that your trader is exactly who he says he is.