Approved Builders Stratford

Approved Builders Stratford

Approved Builders Stratford: Based in Birmingham and itself legally registered, the Approved Trader Directory is in the business of screening traders and businesses to prove that they are legit.

Offered as a service to both traders and consumers the Directory has been developed in response to growing customer unease.

How as a trader coming to quote for a job can you prove to the consumer that you are who you say you are?

How as a customer, receiving that quote, can you be certain that your trader is the genuine article?

Approved Builders Stratford

As a trader you can protect yourself and reassure your clients by listing your business in the Approved Trader Directory.

As a customer you can do your homework on the prospective trader by making one simple call to our freephone number – 0800 888 6667, or by going online to our website.

We even offer a double bind security check for the wary consumer. If you have any doubts about the trader at your door, call us, put the trader on the line, and we will ask pre-agreed security questions that only the trader can answer. If the trader cannot answer, then show them the door as quick as you can!

Approved Builders Stratford

As a screening service we do the following checks on traders on payment of a small fee:

Bankruptcy and credit checks.

Professional checks including scrutiny of licences, certification, membership of trader associations and up to date public liability insurance.

Identity checks including photo ID, proof of address through scrutiny of domestic and business utility bills as well as verifying their listing in the voters register.

So it’s worth making a note of our number and ensuring you are protected from rogue traders and others who give traders a bad name by preying on unwary consumers.