Approved Builders Swindon

Approved Builders SwindonApproved Builders Swindon: Doorstep scammers come in all shapes and sizes. They can look like well-dressed sales ladies, workmen in overalls, gentle and friendly middle aged women, smartly turned out young men with smart phones and iPads! Appearance is no guarantee of anything. That official looking ID from the local gas company could well be bogus, while the roughly dressed painter could be exactly what he says he is: an honest trader looking for business in these difficult times.

How can you know who to trust if you can’t take people at face value?

Trading Standards tell us that we should never hand over money for anything until we’ve checked with somebody whose opinion we trust. And that’s where the Approved Trader Directory comes in.

Approved Builders Swindon

Our business is protecting your business.

We check out traders to offer you the most basic level of consumer protection. And once we can be as sure as we can be that they are bona fide traders with all of the necessary certification and insurance, then we enter them into the Directory. Then just like with the phone book, you can look them up. If we have them registered, then you’ll know that we’ve checked them out and they are who they say they are.

Approved Builders Swindon

If they’re not on our Directory, they may well still be a legitimate business, but in order to be sure, you can ask them to register with us. When they apply we check in three main areas: we do a financial profile that includes personal and business bankruptcy checks; we work up a professional profile but checking that all the company paperwork is in order including insurance; and we do identify checks to prove that the trader is actually who he says he is.

With these checks in place, the trader is registered on the Approved Trader Directory.

When you find a trader there, you’ll know that this business has been verified. It’s as simple as that: we give you that first, important level of consumer protection and it’s free to you, the customer.

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