Approved Builders Wigan

Approved builders Wigan

Approved Builders Wigan: Sometimes we women think that in the mysterious world of plumbing, electrics, roofing and building, men know everything. They nod knowledgeably, talking about bits and braces, vise grips, switchgears and distribution boards, microbores and compression fittings. It’s all greek to most of us women, but I’ll let you in on a secret:  it’s all greek to most men as well! That’s why we need competent, trained traders to carry out specialist work for us.

Approved Builders Wigan

The question for the consumer  is: how do we know that they know what they’re doing? They may be nodding knowledgeably and telling us that our compression fittings need replacing, shaking their heads over the state of our fuses or sucking in their breath as they examine a leaking radiator – but is that just a bit of trader window dressing, a con designed to reassure us that the trader knows what he’s talking about?


Consumers need help and we at the Approved Trader Directory understand that dilemma. We know that choosing a bona fide trader can be a minefield, and we were established to make your choice easier.

To be included in the Directory a trader has to agree to a verification process. On payment of a small fee of £29.99 we will carry out the following checks:

Bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves

A reference from their accountant or HMRC

Check that the individual is on the voters roll

Ask the business or trader to provide:

One form of photographic evidence

Two recent utility bills on the business and/or home address

Proof of public liability insurance

Proof of licences and membership of trader associations

Approved Builders Wigan

If the trader doesn’t check out we refund the money and will not include the trader in the Directory. It’s a simple and straightforward as that. So when you check your trader against entries in the Approved Trader Directory, if you find the business there you will know that at least the business is legitimate – a basic but significant first line of consumer protection.