Approved Electricians Coventry

Approved Electricians Coventry

Approved Electricians Coventry: The UK is no different to the rest of the world: scallywags abound, devious traders who are out to make a dishonest living off the backs of hapless consumers. But for every rogue trader out there, there are hundreds of traders and businesses who want to make an honest buck, offering a decent service at a competitive price. Check Approved Electricians in Coventry first with us!

The challenge for the consumer is: how do you know who’s who? How do you distinguish between the sneaky rogue and the honest trader?

That’s where the Approved Trader Directory comes in.

We despise scammers and conmen and it is our life’s purpose to ensure that they don’t win and that consumers are protected.

The Approved Trader Directory is a first and basic line of defence in that protection……help is at hand!


Approved Electricians Coventry

We do a raft of checks on the traders who want to be included in the Directory. If they don’t pass our checks, we give them their money back and refuse to include them. It’s as simple as that.

This means that the consumer, when faced with a choice of trader, can check them out on the Directory. If they’re there, you’ll know that they have been checked out in significant ways. You can trust that they have a reasonable credit rating, that they have a verifiable domestic or business address, and that they are who they say are because their ID has been verified.

If your trader doesn’t feature on the Directory you can ask them to register. It will only cost them £39.99 for membership and you will have the security of knowing that the traders you employ are certified, insured and creditworthy.

It doesn’t guarantee the quality of the work, but you know that if there are problems, you can follow your trader up at a verified address.

Approved Electricians Coventry