Approved Electricians Leominster

Approved Electricians Leominster

Approved Electricians Leominster: Here’s a number to paste up on your fridge or ‘add to contacts’ in your mobile phone: 0800 888 6667. It just may be the most important phone number you note down this year because it’s the freephone number for the Approved Trader Directory.

What exactly is that, you ask?

Well it’s the sweetest little service this side of the English Channel. A Directory that was set up to verify and screen traders and businesses so that consumers can choose a trader in the certain knowledge that the business is licensed, trade-worthy and has a proven identity.


Ours is a service that benefits both traders and consumers.

In return for a small fee – as little as £7 per month – we scrutinise the business or trade, and only when the business checks out do we include it in the Directory. Once there, a trader can use the listing to reassure customers that the business is bona fide while prospective customers can reassure themselves that the trader quoting for their job is creditworthy, qualified and genuine.

Approved Electricians Leominster

We carry out the following basic checks:

Identity: is the business or trader real or an imposter? Our identity checks include scrutinising photo ID, seeking the person’s name on the electors roll and examining two recent utility bills relating to the business or home of the trader.

Professional background: is the trader being honest about being a member of the appropriate professional association? Is the business licensed, certified and insured?

Financial profile: is the business creditworthy? We check for bankruptcy and we ask for an accountant’s reference.

The service we offer is deceptively simple but of profound significance when it comes to consumer protection. In these days of doorstep crime the Approved Trader Directory is becoming increasingly important to both traders and consumers alike, giving trader the chance to prove him or herself, and helping the consumer to be more confident in their choice of trader.

Approved Electricians Leominster