Approved Electricians Newport

Approved Electricians Newport

Approved Electricians Newport:Consumer protection is our business at the Approved Trader Directory. Before a trader gets approved for inclusion in the Approved Trader Directory they have to pass many checks, and no exceptions are made. All traders before being approved have to:

Undergo bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves

ID checks

Submit to identity checks including providing photo ID, recent utility bills on the business or home address, and evidence of an entry on the voters roll

Log image of their face using our state of the art biometric software

Supply proof  of public liability insurance

Furnish proof of licences and trader associations

Approved Electricians Newport

The Approved Trader Directory is designed to check out a trader before you hand over you hard earned cash. The checks we carry out give you the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, the trader you have employed will be there to be contacted. WATCH VIDEO

It’s a win/win situation. You the consumer can confidently choose a trader whose name appears in the Directory, knowing that the business is a bona fide business. While, for a very small financial outlay of just £29.99  the trader can use the service to reassure nervous potential customers who have seen too many TV programmes about rogue traders and fraudsters.

Approved Electricians Newport

Just go online to our user-friendly website or call our freephone number 0800 888 6667 where our efficient staff will help you to check out your trader before making your final choice.

This Approved Trader Directory is an effective first line of defence in the battle to protect consumers from untrustworthy, unlicensed and uninsured traders – and the good news is that it costs them nothing at all. Consumer protection has never been so easy nor so accessible. Why not register and get the peace of mind you deserve….its FREE for consumers at the Approved Trader Directory.