Approved Plumbers Wolverhampton

Approved Plumbers Wolverhampton

Approved Plumbers Wolverhampton: Statistics on crime against consumers in the UK are shocking. For example it is estimated that UK consumers lose up to £3.5 billion per year to a variety of scams that range from bogus prize draws to cold calls from unscrupulous so-called traders. These traders offer their services at the doorstep but either don’t do the work at all, or else do it badly and for an inflated price. The sums lost by hapless consumers to these traders can range from relatively small amounts to tens of thousands. Check out Plumbers in Wolverhampton on the Approved Trader Directory!

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In fact Trading Standards say that there are strong indications that the actual number of people affected by scams in the UK is far greater than the reported figures. 

How can we protect ourselves from determined rogue traders?

Consulting the Approved Trader Directory before trusting your money to a trader is one way in which consumers can protect themselves.

Approved Plumbers Wolverhampton

Set up as a first and basic level of protection for consumers, the Directory offers a screening service to traders. For a small fee staff at the Directory will check a trader out, vetting the business as to its credit worthiness, and checking out the certification and licensing of the trader, as well as the personal identity of the individual in question.

Only when the business has been vetted will the trader be included in the Directory. If the business doesn’t check out, we refuse a listing and refund the fees.

In this way consumers referring to the Directory can be assured that if they find their trader there, then the business is legitimate.

Approved Plumbers Wolverhampton

What if there’s no listing? Well, as a consumer there’s nothing to stop you asking the trader you are considering to register with us. After all, it’s your money and it’s up to you how you spend it. You can take a risk and spend it with a trader whose bona fides have not been established, or you can choose to spend it by employing a trader you know to be upfront, with an established identity and a traceable address.

As a consumer, the choice is yours.