Approved Plumbers Worcester

Approved Plumbers Worcester

Approved Plumbers Worcester: Here at the Approved Trader Directory we’re proud of what we do: simply put, we  take the mystery out of choosing a trader. Our business is offering reassurance to consumers, helping them to choose a trader whose identity and bona fides have been established by our screening system. Looking for plumbers in Worcester? You have come to the right place.

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When a trader comes to us and applies for a listing in the Directory, we charge a small fee – as little as £10 per month – and in return we establish the traders credentials.

Approved Plumbers Worcester

Before traders get approved onto the Approved Trader Directory they have to undertake the following:

Bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves

Facial recognition / webcam photo

Provide us with one form of photographic evidence

Give us enough personal information that we can locate them on the voters roll

Provide two recent utility bills on the business and/or home address

Give us proof of public liability insurance

Produce for our inspection licences and proof of membership of the relevant trader association

Only when we have satisfied ourselves under each of the above headings is a trader given a listing in the Directory.

Approved Plumbers Worcester

So next time you are examining the quotes from plumbers, landscape gardeners or roofers, don’t just make a decision based on the most competitive quote: instead make a decision based on whether or not the individual in question is listed in the Approved Trader Directory. A listing means there is assurance that the person is a bona fide trader.