Approved Plumbers York

Approved Plumbers York

Approved Plumbers York: Trading Standards across the country are at the forefront in the fight against rogue traders, and have even won awards for their work against door step crime. Working with the police, local radio and other agencies they have stepped up the war on doorstep crime in their efforts to protect vulnerable consumers. Are you considering approved plumbers in York? You have come to the right place!

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Here at the Approved Trader Directory we are proud to be part of the same battle.

Our business involves creating a comprehensive directory of approved businesses, of traders who have agreed to be vetted and their bona fides established so that wary consumers can be assured that they trader they are considering has a bona fide, approved business.

Before a trader gets approved onto the Approved Trader Directory they have to agree to -  and then pass -  many checks: 

Bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves

Provide a biometric face image through webcam (using our state of the art FACE ID)

Be identified on the voters roll

Provide one form of photographic evidence

Provide two recent utility bills on the business and/or home address

Proof of public liability insurance

Proof of licences and trader associations

Once they have been screened our traders are given a listing in the Directory, there to be found by careful consumers.

Approved Plumbers York

So next time a trader competes for your business, ask them to wait while you check them out. The phone call to 0800 888 6667 is free.

If your trader is listed, that means that it’s a genuine business. But even if there is no listing, it may still be a genuine trader, except you have no way of knowing. But you can put your mind at rest by asking them to register, and to come back on another day when you can check them out with the Approved Trader Directory.

Approved Plumbers York

Is the trader that you are considering bankrupt? Check them out on the Approved Trader Directory first!