Approved Roofers Evesham

Approved Roofers Evesham

Approved Roofers Evesham: The Approved Trader Directory was launched as a significant component in the fight against doorstep crime and consumer exploitation. We will only include trader that we can check out. Our boast is that we only give a listing to traders who have proven themselves to be above board. We screen them to be certain that they are who they claim to be, that they have certification and insurance to make them a safe bet on the job, and that they are financially sound.

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With so many sad and sorry stories of consumers who have been tricked out of their money, or who are left with botched conservatories, ill fitting windows, unfinished building jobs, badly laid decking, it’s no wonder that customers have become more prudent in how they spend their money.

And the prudent thing to do when choosing a trader is to check them out first of all with us – the helpful staff at the Approved Trader Directory.

Our service offers a first level of consumer protection. We won’t offer you guarantees about the work of your trader. We won’t monitor the work. We can’t help you if things go wrong with your trader. But we can offer you some basic but important information about the trader you are considering.

For example we can tell you about the credit rating of the business, we can tell you if the trader carries certificates, licenses and insurance, and we can confirm the person’s identity so that you are dealing with a bona fide trader with a legitimate contact details. In short we can reassure you about the basic things you need to know in order to be assured that the trader you are considering is not some doorstep criminal or cowboy builder, but a real trader running a respectable business.

Most significant of all, we can set up a simple but effective security system with our traders so that nobody can assume their identity: by asking personal security questions the answers to which are known only to the trader we add a failsafe component for the safety of both consumers and traders. From March 2015 the Approved Trader Directory will be implementing FACE.ID into the site. A biometric face and voice recognition service that identifies the trader at your front door by using their downloadable app. On sign up new trader members will now have their biometrics taken…..another great add offering more protection to the consumer.

Approved Roofers Evesham

The trader pays us a small fee for inclusion in the Directory, and by checking the Directory online or calling our freephone number 0800 888 6667 you the consumer can check them out and be reassured as to their bona fides.