Approved Roofers Halifax

Approved Roofers Halifax

Approved Roofers Halifax: Last winter’s storms cost the nation a cool £1.1bn according to the New Statesman! With £451m covered by insurance, these figures represent a bonanza for traders involved in home repairs, garden refurbishment and tree surgery, as well as home decor and decoration.

With so much money to be made it’s no wonder that rogue traders and scammers are having a field day: the anguish of the beleaguered homeowner represents an opportunity for heartless criminals and bogus traders.

Approved Roofers Halifax

If your home falls victim to storm and flood damage this winter, how can you  protect yourself from scammers when it comes to cleaning up after the weather?

The Approved Trader Directory may be your answer.

It’s a simple, free and effective way for consumers to check out the trader who is competing for your business.

Whether it’s a gardener, a tree surgeon, a glazier or a carpenter, before you employ a trader check him or her out on the Approved Trader Directory. Free phone 0800 888 6667 or go online to see if you can find a listing for the trader you are considering. If you find the person there, then you will know that this is a legitimate trader, licensed and insured, and with a proper business address and phone number.

Approved Roofers Halifax

We won’t monitor the trader’s work for you, but at least you will know that this is a bona fide, registered business.

But what do you do if the trader isn’t listed? Do you risk it in any case, handing over your cash and hoping for the best?

We recommend that you do no such thing. Your money is hard earned and should be invested prudently and wisely in repairs that will stand the test of time. 

Ask that person to register with us. It will only cost the trader a few pounds, and our screening process won’t take long. When we have checked out the trader’s identity, financial profile and certification, and given the trader a listing, you will know that you can award your work to this person with a clear conscience.