Approved Roofers In Derby

Approved Roofers In Derby.

Approved Roofers In Derby: For many families this year Christmas won’t be such a joyous occasion. They will have been the victims of doorstep criminals who manage to take the glitter out of Christmas by their cruel dishonesty and fraud.

Here at the Approved Trader Directory we are all about consumer protection. We hate to hear of doorstep crime and are full of compassion for the victims. Our service is a valuable first line of defence in the fight against crime perpetrated on vulnerable consumers. And the best news is that it’s free to consumers. You can avail of our service and it won’t cost you a penny, not even the price of a phone call.

Approved Roofers In Derby

Here’s how our service works.

When a trader applies to us for inclusion in the Directory, we carry out a series of checks into that trader personally as well as into the business. The checks include:

Identity checks. Using recent utility bills drawn on the traders business or home, the electoral roll, and photo ID we satisfy ourselves that this person exists and has a real address.

Professional checks. We ensure that the business carries all of the necessary up-to-date  licenses, professional certification, insurances needed to carry out that trade or business.

Financial checks. We check for bankruptcy – both business and personal, as well as carrying out a telephone interview.

Approved Roofers In Derby

Once the trader passes our scrutiny and upon payment of a small fee,  we include the business in the Directory. So before you employ a trader, check out the business with us. If you don’t find a listing, ask the trader to register with us first before you make your choice. It’s only going to cost that trader about £5 a month – a small price to pay to reassure prospective customers.