Approved Roofers Pershore

Approved Roofers Pershore

Approved Roofers Pershore: It is a proven medical fact that victims of doorstep crime suffer lasting trauma from the activities of criminals who – as the name implies – bushwhack consumers at their own front doors. Through a mixture of lying sales talk and bullying they can often con the unwary home owner out of their money by promising household services that never materialise. Or if they do materialise, the work is substandard and frequently downright dangerous.

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Trying to maintain your balance in the face of bullying behaviour can be a challenge at the best of times, but the thing to remember is that nobody can get past a firm ‘NO!’ Even if you have to yell it out loud, your ‘NO!’ is your protection. And then you have an ace card up your sleeve: tell those doorstep bullies that before you give your business to anybody, you check them out first with the Approved Trader Directory!

Call our freephone number 0800 888 6667 or visit our web site to see if the trader you are considering is listed. If you find the business there, then you’ll know that it’s legitimate. If you don’t find it, then ask the trader to register with us. On payment of a small fee by the trader, we will carry out a series of checks to see if the business is above board.

We approve businesses under the following headings:

Identity checks – we ask potential traders to provide us with one form of photo ID, as well as two recent utility bills pertaining either to the business or the home address of the trader;

Financial checks that include screening for personal and business bankruptcy.

Proof of public liability insurance, licenses and membership of the relevant trade association.

New trader members will have their biometrics taken at sign up. We take a facial image and voice recording using the ground breaking FACE.ID software….a face and voice recognition service that identifies the trader at your front door by using their downloadable app. This service is coming early March 2015.

Approved Roofers Pershore

So next time a trader shows up at your front door, and you are a bit dubious about the company’s credentials, stay strong: remember to say ‘NO!’ and then check them out with us before parting with your money. Either use the downloadable app FACE.ID to identify the trader or you can call our office, the call is free but the benefits are priceless in terms of protecting yourself, your home and your money.