Builders Knowle Solihull

Builders Knowle Solihull

Builders Knowle Solihull: The Approved Trader Directory is an identity service giving you all the information you need to have in order to “Know Your Trader” and builders Knowle Solihull.

Builders Knowle Solihull

The cost of registering for a trader is only £29.99 – a small price to pay for a trader to show their potential customers that they are registered and bona fide. 

Just because a trader decides not to sign up to a mainstream trader scheme does not mean they have something to hide. In fact there are many traders who don’t feel the need to sign up to a mainstream trader scheme but with so many dishonest, unregistered businesses out there at the moment, the Approved Trader Directory is a very inexpensive option for traders who want to prove to potential customers that they are above board and have nothing to hide.

Builders Knowle Solihull

Here’s how to use our service:  search our website for the trader you are considering to use;   if they are registered you know they are who they say they are. If they are not registered you could fill in their details into our online form asking us to contact them on your behalf or you could contact them yourself, asking them to register before your jobs starts.

The Approved Trader Directory is that first level of trader verification that consumers are now asking for. It is difficult for an individual customer to perform these checks, but here at the Directory we have the licenses to complete the kind of checks that consumers need. 

So before you give the job to your chosen trader check them out first and see if they are registered on the Approved Trader Directory. It will cost you nothing and it could save you from being ripped off in the long run.

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Mr & Mrs Cane

This is a great service. It stopped us using a trader that was a total fraud. We could have lost over £5000. Thank you so much for this service.

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