Builders Loughborough

Builders Loughborough

Builders Loughborough: Here at the Approved Trader Directory we believe that we are on the side of the angels. We’re all about protecting the consumer from bogus traders and sham businesses who seem to offer good value but are really preying on innocent consumers.

We offer that first, important level of consumer protection: we can provide you with the evidence that the builders Loughborough trader your are considering is exactly who he says he is and not some criminal intent on parting you from your money.

Builders Loughborough

How do we do that? We do it by carrying out a series of professional, identity and credit checks.

When a trader approaches us for inclusion in the Directory we do the following investigations:

Bankruptcy and credit checks on their business and themselves

A telephone interview

Identify them on the voters roll

Verify  photographic ID

Cross check their identify by verifying two recent utility bills on the business and/or home address

Examine their public liability insurance

Require proof of relevant licences and membership of trader associations

Only when we have satisfied ourselves on each one will we include a listing for the trader.

All you have to do, when a trader is competing for your business, is check the Directory. If your trader is there, you can be sure that the business is compliant with the basic requirements for consumer safety.

Builders Loughborough

And what if the business doesn’t show up on the Directory? Well that doesn’t mean that the trader isn’t reputable but you can invite the business to apply to Approved Trader Directory where for a small fee we will check them out. If they check out, then you can award them your business, knowing that they are legit and above all – traceable in the event of a problem.