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Approved Roofers Evesham

Approved Roofers Evesham: The Approved Trader Directory was launched as a significant component in the fight against doorstep crime and consumer exploitation. We will only include trader that we can check out. Our boast is that we only give a listing to traders who have proven themselves to be above board. We screen them to… Read more »

Approved Roofers Pershore

Approved Roofers Pershore: It is a proven medical fact that victims of doorstep crime suffer lasting trauma from the activities of criminals who – as the name implies – bushwhack consumers at their own front doors. Through a mixture of lying sales talk and bullying they can often con the unwary home owner out of… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Halesowen

Approved Plumbers Halesowen: There’s a joke that says ‘crime doesn’t pay, but at least you’re your own boss!’ But the sad fact is that crime does indeed pay, and the victims are often hapless consumers who are taken in by rogue traders. Watch Video Here Here at the Approved Trader Directory we often hear sad stories… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Birmingham

Approved Plumbers Birmingham: Q. When is a bargain not a bargain? A. When it’s a competitive but bogus price quoted by a rogue trader! Watch Our Video Here Sometimes the rock bottom price quoted for your home improvement job isn’t a bargain at all. Instead it’s a scam, a sham price quoted by a conman trying to… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Worcester

Approved Plumbers Worcester: Here at the Approved Trader Directory we’re proud of what we do: simply put, we  take the mystery out of choosing a trader. Our business is offering reassurance to consumers, helping them to choose a trader whose identity and bona fides have been established by our screening system. Looking for plumbers in Worcester?… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Coventry

  Approved Plumbers Coventry: If you’re looking for advertising, go to a newspaper or Google. If you’re looking for a phone number, go to the phone book. If you’re looking for a trader or approved plumbers in Coventry go to the Approved Trader Directory. If you locate your trader there, then you can be assured… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Bromsgrove

Approved Plumbers Bromsgrove: A consumer is a person who purchases goods and services so in that sense, we are all consumers. We buy goods in the supermarket or local store and those purchases are covered by consumer laws and regulations. We buy services too and those services are numerous: gardeners, plumbers, painters, central heating technicians, electricians,… Read more »

Approved Plumbers Tamworth

Approved Plumbers Tamworth: While it’s true that the good old days weren’t always that good – it was harder to treat disease, we didn’t have computers or mobile phones, convenience foods were fish and chips on a Friday –  nevertheless there were benefits too. Traders were often local, often known to their customers, and generally reliable…. Read more »

Approved Roofers Tamworth

Approved Roofers Tamworth: Imagine a world where you could safely choose a trader, knowing that even if things went wrong with the job they were doing for you, you could track them down secure in the knowledge that they have a real address and are insured and qualified. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet with… Read more »

Approved Roofers Dewsbury

  Approved Roofers Dewsbury: Recent research into the so-called moral decline in the UK showed that people still value the old fashioned qualities of civic responsibility, respect for one’s neighbours and honesty with benefit cheats being widely despised and condemned. We may have a more relaxed attitude to the use of drugs and to sexual… Read more »