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You have to protect yourself at all levels and the Approved Trader Directory is a first level of consumer protection for customers in the fight to protect yourself and your resources against scammers and fraudsters. The Approved Trader Directory is on the frontline in the battle against trader fraud.  It works by verifying the identity of a trader. We do all this, with the agreement of the trader, and present it to you in the form of the Approved Trader Directory, offering first-level identity verification for your protection.

This ingenious directory is 100% FREE to use and all that’s required before you can perform a search is a quick registration. Then if a trader shows up at your door or you already have one in mind that you’re considering giving your job to, then look before you leap: check them out first to see if they’re listed in the Approved Trader Directory. If they’re not on our directory you can always ask them to get themselves included. They have nothing to fear from it, and it offers you some basic protection in making your choice of trader.

You may also be interested in looking at a product called FACE.ID. You can download FACE.ID’s FREE facial recognition app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved tradespeople, taxi drivers or company representatives LIVE at your door. FACE.ID gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the person in front of you is exactly who they are claiming to be. Check FACE.ID out here WWW.FACE.ID

With just a few clicks of a mouse or a short call to our freephone number 0800 888 6667, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the safety and peace of mind provided by our comprehensive verification procedures undertaken by all the traders we approve. If the trader you are thinking of using has told you they already have membership with us you could always test them out by calling our support line and put the trader on the phone to us. We’ll then ask them a number of preset security questions that only that trader will be able to answer….now that’s consumer protection for you!

The Approved Trader Directory is that first level of trader verification that consumers are now asking for. It is difficult for an individual customer to perform these checks, but here at the Directory we have the licenses to complete the kind of checks that consumers need.

Verifying your trader before you hire them has never been simpler

Gone are the days when you could do business with a handshake and accept somebody’s word as their bond. Doorstep fraud has become a feature of everyday life in Britain. It involves a scammer knocking on your front door and talking you into parting with money for goods or services that don’t exist and never materialise.

You may have chosen a trader out of a paper directory or from one of the many trader schemes that advertise on the television but how do you know they are not an illegitimate, bankrupt, uninsured or unlicensed trader?

Nowadays the smart consumer knows that caution and protection need to be balanced against that amazingly good value that the salesman at your door is offering. That bargain basement price may well be as fake as the person selling it to you.

The kind of strict background checks we subject our traders to can often be off-limits to the general public. As a customer, this means you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to find out all the information you’d really like to know before you take on a potential new trader.

That’s why we’re here. We have the experience and hold all the necessary licenses to carry out fully comprehensive checks on all aspects of a trader’s business and personal dealings.

Remember, we offer “Identity Verification” and can only vouch that your trader has passed all the comprehensive checks that we do and make no guarantees about their work. Once you’ve checked that your trader is being honest about who they say they are, it may be helpful to use this information in conjunction with other sources you’ve found about the trader, such as recommendations from friends or other websites.

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With a bankruptcy, credit and identity check, proof of insurance, home & business address verification and more,
we really leave no stone unturned.

Consumer Protection  ServicesApproved Trader Directory

Signing up as a trader is fast and affordable

The Approved Trader Directory offers a quick and cost-effective way to prove to your customers that you are who you claim to be, your business is genuine, and that you can always be contacted should problems arise.

The Approved Trader Directory is an innovative new service aimed at both traders and consumers. It showcases traders, verifying their identity and bringing reassurance and peace of mind to customers.

The Approved Trader Directory is an excellent marketing tool for traders, a medium through which for a small financial outlay you as a trader can establish your credentials with the buying public.

If you care about your business you’ll want to make every effort to secure the work on offer from a prospective client. And one of the simplest ways to load the scales in your favour is to reassure them that you are exactly who you say you are and not some unreliable scammer.

You will also qualify for a FREE digital FACE.ID – state-of-the-art facial recognition technology for confirming ones identity.

Consumers can download FACE.ID’s FREE app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved tradespeople or company representatives LIVE on their doorstep, a very powerful tool for putting you ahead of your competitors and for giving complete peace of mind to new, existing and potential customers. Check FACE.ID out here WWW.FACE.ID

Increasingly your customers will be asking if you are on this Directory since it saves them the job of checking your credentials. And increasingly if you are not a member, they will be asking you to sign up. Whatever type of business you are, signing up for an inclusion on the Approved Trader Directory makes sense and the best part? Signing up costs as little as just £40 (+vat) for six months membership. Or if you prefer you can pay £10 pm (+vat) representing great value for money when you consider the benefits to your business as more and more consumers look to avoid dishonest traders and work with those they feel they can trust.

Here’s how it works. Get in touch with us and we will help you to undertake some checks with us – the kind of checks that are a balm to the troubled heart of an anxious consumer. For example we will check that you have public liability insurance and all the necessary certificates and licences. We will look for a few proofs of identity, photo id, voters roll search and we will check for credit and bankruptcy issues. Once these checks are completed you will be entered into the Directory and clients can find you there, verifying for themselves that you are the tradesman you claim to be.

A customer, wishing to verify your identity can visit the Directory free of charge, enter in your name and satisfy themselves that you aren’t a rogue trader with a false identity, but are in fact a legitimate business, with a proven track record of residency, financial transactions, and proper other appropriate documentation. This kind of information is gold: the customer will be better disposed towards you and more likely to trust their job into your capable hands.

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The Approved Trader Directory management team have a longstanding history in providing consumer protection services; working closely with Local Authorities, Trading Standards, public, and private bodies for a number of years.
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