Plumbers In Hinckley

Plumbers in Hinckley

Plumbers in Hinckley: One of the best protections against scammers is your own common sense: if it seems too good to be true – it probably is!

But in these days of increasingly sophisticated internet fraud and doorstep crime, sometimes common sense and your own gut feeling isn’t enough.  Scammers can be very convincing so as a consumer you need to be on your guard. Before you part with your money, check out the trader or business you are considering.

We are proud to say that the Approved Trader Directory has become a trusted first line of defence for wary consumers. In effect the Directory is a register for bona fide businesses, a register that is used by customers to assure themselves that their trader is legitimate and by traders to show that they have nothing to hide.

Plumbers  in Hinckley

In applying to be listed in the Approved Trader Directory the business agrees to allow us to carry out some basic investigations. Only when we have satisfied ourselves that the business is upfront will it be included in the Directory.

What it isn’t: the Approved Trader Directory isn’t an advertising or marketing tool for traders.  It isn’t a trader scheme. It isn’t a scheme to monitor or approve work done by traders.

What it is: the Approved Trader Directory is a company dedicated to screening and verifying the identity and credentials of traders and businesses.

The trader pays us a small fee – as little as £29.99 for six months inclusion in the Directory – and we check them out. We examine identity by looking for photo ID. We check out their phone number and their website. We verify certification and insurances. We check for both personal and business bankruptcy and we look for accountants references.

Plumbers in Hinckley

Once a trader has been verified and included in the Directory, you the consumer can use the business in the certain knowledge that the business exists, not just in a scammers head but with an actual address with reliable contact details and real certification.