Roofers Solihull

roofers solihull

Roofers Solihull: Traders Must See! Plumbers, electricians, gardeners, hairdressers, accountants – on any given day, thousands of consumers in hundreds of locations need the services of these local businesses. Question is – when they call to your door or when you find them on the internet, how do you know that you can trust them? Nine times out of ten, the trader you are considering will be fast, safe and reliable. But there’s always one bad apple in the barrel, and that bad apple spoils it for everyone else.

Roofers Solihull

What’s an honest trader to do? How can you prove to your potential customers that you are exactly who you claim to be – a reputable business, keen to do a good job for a fair price?

The answer is easy. You don’t have to spend a fortune signing up to an expensive scheme. For the modest sum of £29.99 you can join the Approved Trader Directory, a service that helps you to establish your identity and prove your creditworthiness and professionalism. Once listed in the directory, your potentials customers can check you out and be reassured of your bona fides.

This service doesn’t make claims or offer guarantees about your work or conduct as a trader. It just verifies for the customer that you are exactly who you say you are, that you have all the necessary insurances and certification, and that you have satisfied the Directory staff that you have a genuine business or domestic address.

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So when you are quoting for a job, by giving the customer our Freephone number and web address, you are inviting them to check you out so that they know you’re not some scammer out to part them from their money, but a legitimate trader doing a legitimate job.