Trader Identity Checks

Trader Identity Checks

Trader Identity Checks: £29.99 isn’t much to pay for peace of mind. That’s all it takes for a trader to register with the Approved Trader Directory. Once registered potential customers can check out the trader’s bona fides, knowing that inclusion in the Directory is only granted to those whose credentials check out.

The Approved Trader Directory was set up specifically to offer a first and basic level of protection to consumers and traders alike. It’s not easy for traders to operate in the atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust that has been created by the rogue traders and scammers who have given business a bad name. And consumers on the other hand often don’t know where to turn for advice when choosing a trader, knowing that the person on their doorstep might not be legitimate or trustworthy.

The Approved Trader Directory bridges that gap between the honest trader and the wary consumer.

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We seek out the kind of information that every consumer would like to know. Is this trader certified licensed and insured? Is this a legitimate trader, will I be able to find them if anything goes wrong with the work? Are they bankrupt? Are they showing me phony credentials with a false identify or are they real people with a real address?

When a trader applies to us for inclusion in the Directory, these are the questions we ask. We look for proof of ID, proof of licensing and certification and we do simple bankruptcy and credit checks.

When you check out a trader either by phone or on our website, and find a business listing for that trader, you will know that we have satisfied ourselves that this is a bona fide business.

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