Trader Identity Verification

Trader Identity Verification

The Approved Trader Directory is an innovative approach to consumer protection and trader identity verification. The Directory includes only the names of those traders and businesses who have undergone a series of checks to verify their identity and credit worthiness, and to demonstrate that they are licensed and insured to trade. We check traders out so you don’t have to.

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And what a boon this service is to cautious consumers who want to be sure that the company they are contracting to build that extension or install those new windows is actually a legitimate firm, with a verifiable address and a healthy financial profile.

On payment of a small fee, and subject to the required checks, we create a profile for the trader in the Approved Trader Directory and this profile can then be accessed by consumers keen to verify the credentials of  their chosen trader. These checks represent a first level of consumer protection. They don’t guarantee the work, they just tell you that your trader is exactly who he claims to be and not some rogue trader -  untrustworthy, unqualified and dishonest.


The checks we carry out are as follows:

  • Bankruptcy and credit checks on the trader’s business and on the trader.
  • A Telephone call for verification.
  • Verification that the individual is on the voting register.
  • Proof of public liability insurance
  • Proof of licences and membership of trader associations


The trader applying for inclusion on the Directory must also provide one form of photographic ID and be able to provide two recent utility bills either domestic or related to the business.

Bankruptcy checks on the business continue to be carried out routinely every day that the trader is registered with us.

The Approved Trader Directory is a simple but effective concept, giving a considerable measure of reassurance to the consumer and affording business an opportunity to reassure careful customers.

Trader Indentity Verification