Why Register?

The Approved Trader Directory has been set up for two reasons: firstly so that consumers can check the identity of a trader that they already have in mind and secondly so that traders have a way of assuring potential customers they’re insured, licensed, identifiable, legitimate and bankruptcy free.

Consumer protection is our business here at the Approved Trader Directory. As a consumer you no longer have to take a leap of faith when you are considering a particular trader to do some work for you. Instead you can see if they are included in our list of approved traders. If they are then you can be sure they are a legitimate trader. If they aren’t, then they may still be a legitimate trader but you can ask them to prove it by inviting them to register before you part with any of your hard earned cash. They have nothing to fear from it, and it offers you some basic protection in making your choice of trader.

The Approved Trader Directory recommends FACE.ID. You can download FACE.ID’s FREE state-of-the-art facial recognition app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved tradespeople, taxi drivers or company representatives LIVE at your door! FACE.ID gives you the confidence of knowing that the person in front of you is exactly who they are claiming to be and not an impostor. Check FACE.ID out here WWW.FACE.ID

As part of your registration, you’ll receive our FREE voice broadcast alerts. Our unique, innovative service sends out voice broadcasts direct to your phone the moment your local high street stores, local traders, supermarkets and builders merchants (for traders) tell us about their latest offers, so you’ll have the chance to snap up a great bargain before everybody else. This service is provided FREE whether it be a consumer or trader registration and helps keep our services free for consumers.

Consumers beware! The scammers are out there, and they’re on the increase. Last year doorstep crime in just one UK city alone– Nottingham – was up by a whopping 35%

Consumer Protection ServicesApproved Trader Directory

For consumers

Consumer Protection Has Never Been More Important

According to Which? – the consumer rights organisation – one in ten of their members have been scammed during the last five years. This staggering figure reflects a fast growing culture of fraud and theft with scammers, fraudsters and bogus traders finding ever more cunning ways to separate you from your money.

Many of them use the internet to create phoney websites that lull us into a false sense of security. It’s only after we have been stung by a scamming trader that we realise that the fancy website is just a smokescreen. The contact details are false, they’re not insured, the links to traders associations and regulatory bodies are a sham, the affidavits from apparently satisfied customers are a sham.

So the first level of security for any consumer is to be sure of the identity of your tradesman. Is the address on their website a real address? Do they have a license to practice their trade or business? Is their business in liquidation? Are ALL owners of the business bankruptcy free? Are they insured? These checks are difficult for individuals to undertake. Where do you begin?

The Approved Trader Directory may be your answer. The investigations we carry out will establish the primary safety information that you the consumer need to know in order to make an informed decision: they are licensed, they are insured, they are registered, they are creditworthy: in short, they are exactly who they say they are. If things go wrong, you’ll know where to find them. You won’t be searching for a non existent address or phoning a number that rings out with no response.

The Approved Trader Directory is the first port of call for many consumers. It won’t guarantee the work of your tradesman, but it will reassure you about their identity. It offers that first level of consumer protection by doing the checks that can help you make up your mind, so you don’t have to. And best of all it’s free to you, the consumer!

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This is what we do:

  • 1 We provide you with FACE.ID’s free facial recognition app to validate traders on your doorstep. WWW.FACE.ID
  • 2 We run limited company reports and directors reports against disqualification.
  • 3 We audit live websites and check accreditation’s, content, contact details, authenticity.
  • 4 We check the traders name against the voters roll and get current photo ID.
  • 5 We perform bankruptcy and credit checks on the business and individuals.
  • 6 We look for proof that they have public liability insurance.
  • 7 We check licenses and trader associations.
  • 8 We carry out a telephone interview.
  • 9 We run identity checks on all members.

For traders

By Signing Up To Be Included In Our Directory You Are Sending A Powerful Message To Your Prospective Clients

You know that you are a legitimate trader but maybe potential customers don’t know that. Would you like to be able to prove to potential new customers that you are who you  say you are – a licensed trader, certified to carry out your trade, not bankrupt and insured for the job but you don’t want to spend a lot of money signing up to a trader recommendation service?

Well the good news is that the Approved Trader Directory is just such a service. It establishes your identity and confirms your credentials and all for a under £2 per week? It was set up so that traders have a medium for proving that they are who they say are, while consumers benefit from the protection of verifying a trader’s identity before they use them and it can work smoothly alongside other trader schemes that you, as a trader, may subscribe to.

The term “rogue trader” is heard often these days. So are stories of thieves tricking their way into peoples homes claiming to be the gas man. Whether you’re a trading individual or national firm, you will also quality for a FREE digital FACE.ID – state-of-the-art facial recognition technology for confirming ones identity.

Consumers can download FACE.ID’s FREE app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved tradespeople or company representatives LIVE on their doorstep, a very powerful tool for putting you ahead of your competitors and for giving complete peace of mind to new, existing and potential customers. Check FACE.ID out here WWW.FACE.ID

Signing up to be included on the Approved Trader Directory is simple, cheap and effective. We will prove your identity by scrutinising some current utility bills and photo id. We will check your name against the electoral roll. We will assure ourselves that you have all of the necessary paperwork in place – certification, licenses and insurance. We will call you to carry out  a telephone verification check. And finally we will perform credit and bankruptcy checks.

Don’t be afraid of these financial checks. We are generous and reasonable in our approach. For example having an experience of bankruptcy in your past doesn’t mean that you won’t be included in the Directory, as long as it has been discharged. Having a CCJ in your financial record is not a problem as long as the judgement wasn’t delivered on foot of a complaint by a client. We are careful with how we interpret your information. We want you, as an honest trader, to be in our Directory so that when your prospective clients check with us, they will be reassured.

So sign up today! Six months membership only costs £40 (+vat) Or if you prefer you can pay £10 pm (+vat). Once you are registered, would-be clients can search our site for you by entering in your company name. When they find you there they will know that your identity has been verified by us, so that’s their first valuable level of protection, and a clear message from you proving that you are exactly who you say you are and that you have nothing to hide.

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Or if you prefer you can register directly with us by calling our support line on 0800 888 6667


The Approved Trader Directory management team have a longstanding history in providing consumer protection services; working closely with Local Authorities, Trading Standards, public, and private bodies for a number of years.
Got any questions? Give us a call on our freephone number – 0800 888 6667